Mannaqure Discovered at ASHA 2014

By Mannaqure on February 19, 2015

MannaQure attended the ASHA convention in 2014. The blogger at Dysphagia Ramblings received a Twitter Follow from MannaQure during the convention. Not having heard of MannaQure before, the blogger searched them out and later wrote:

"I found the MannaQure booth the next day in the exhibit hall. The protocol for this evaluation has the questions/instructions written in English, in Spanish with pronunciation for those that do not speak Spanish and just in Spanish for those that are able to speak Spanish. All on the same protocol.

It looked like a fairly comprehensive evaluation, with a few questions regarding cranial nerves. I would love to have more time to look over this evaluation."

We invite all Speech Language Pathologists to learn more about MannaQure by viewing our videos Who Should Use MannaQure and Why and How to Use MannaQure.

Contact us and we will discuss how MannaQure helps you meet the Quality-of-Care and Quality-of-Life standards that govern our industry as you treat your Spanish speaking patients; and English speaking patients, too.

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