Review of MannaQure by Dysphagia Ramblings

By Mannaqure on December 18, 2015

Dysphagia Ramblings, a place for everyone to discuss and learn about dysphagia, published a review of MannaQure on November 30, 2015.

The mission of Dysphagia Ramblings is to inform, educate and share.

Mannaqure objectives

The MannaQure assessment is a comprehensive, norm-referenced English to Spanish assessment of dysphagia and dysarthria. In an attempt to meet the demands placed on the monolingual SLP, MannaQure has developed a comprehensive, norm-referenced English to Spanish Dysphagia and Dysarthria Assessment designed to identify, describe, and quantify swallowing and oral-facial deficits in the adult Spanish-speaking population.

The review was published on The review refers to the test of the MannaQure assessment, which was normed using 145 participants 21 years and older with with 95 of the participants speaking English as a second language. Participants had a wide variety of neurological diagnoses.

The summary provided by Dysphagia Ramblings was "Overall the authors did a very nice job of putting together an easy to use assessment guide that gives a severity rating for your patient."

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