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Review of MannaQure by Dysphagia Ramblings

By Mannaqure on December 18, 2015

Dysphagia Ramblings, a place for everyone to discuss and learn about dysphagia, published a review of MannaQure on November 30, 2015.

The mission of Dysphagia Ramblings is to inform, educate and share.

Mannaqure objectives

The MannaQure assessment is a comprehensive, norm-referenced English to Spanish assessment of dysphagia and dysarthria. In an attempt to meet the demands placed on the monolingual SLP, MannaQure has developed a comprehensive, norm-referenced English to Spanish Dysphagia and Dysarthria Assessment designed to identify, describe, and quantify swallowing and oral-facial deficits in the adult Spanish-speaking population.

The review was published on The review refers to the test of the MannaQure assessment, which was normed using 145 participants 21 years and older with with 95 of the participants speaking English as a second language. Participants had a wide variety of neurological diagnoses.

The summary provided by Dysphagia Ramblings was "Overall the authors did a very nice job of putting together an easy to use assessment guide that gives a severity rating for your patient."

To learn more about MannaQure, who needs MannaQure and how to use it, visit

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Advance Magazine Article Discusses Language Barriers and Dysphagia

By Mannaqure on April 3, 2015

Advance Healthcare Network For Speech and Hearing recently published an article outlining the journey three Speech-language pathologists took in developing an individualized treatment approach to serve the growing Spanish speaking patient population.

The article, Language Barriers and Dysphagia begins with the question, "Have you ever been responsible for assessing and treating an adult patient with dysphagia whose only spoken language was not that of your own?" The number of SLPs answering yes to this question will only be growing. According to the article, the U.S. Census Bureau 2012 data estimates 12-14% of the population in the states of CA and TX will be Spanish-speaking only, which is equitable to a combined total of over six million people in those states alone, not to mention NM, AZ, NV, FL, NY, NJ, IL, and CO.

Census of Spanish Speaking population

The MannaQure team discovered through clinical practice that tools to serve the adult Spanish-speaking population did not exist in today's market for clinicians. The commonly used solution was to have the SLP request an interpreter through nursing or social services. This solution has inherent concerns because of the scheduling of qualified available resources and the cost of such services.

The MannaQure team responded to the need by developing a comprehensive English to Spanish Dysphagia and Dysarthria Assessment designed to identify, describe, and quantify swallowing and oral-facial deficits in the Spanish-speaking population.

Any SLP that has ever been responsible for assessing or treating a Spanish speaking patient, whether they themselves are fluent in Spanish or not, will relate to the journey taken by these three SLPs and enjoy this article. Learn more about MannaQure - contact a MannaQure Assessment Consultant.


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MannaQure Information

By Mannaqure on February 18, 2015

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Are you in Compliance with Meeting the Needs of your Spanish-speaking Patients?

By Mannaqure on February 19, 2015

As a fellow provider of healthcare services, do you know if you are meeting the needs of your patients who may be speakers of other languages through the provision of appropriate treatment and services?

Speech Therapist Using MannaQure

In order to meet the Quality-of-Care and Quality-of-Life standards that govern our industry, we are responsible for facilitating a means through which our non-English speaking patients can express their basic wants and needs such as pain, and are thusly responsible for fully meeting their health, safety and matters-of-emergency needs, which includes services to ensure safe eating and swallowing.

Meeting the needs of patients with dysphagia and/or dysarthria can be challenging enough given limitations in the availability of Speech-Language Pathologists, particularly in rural areas. Add to limited bilingual staffing demands, coupled with the dubious question of "what to do when the patient speaks little or no English" and you could be placing your facility at risk for penalties imposed upon our industry. Don't face this language-barrier alone.

The developers of MannaQure learned through clinical practice that we as healthcare providers need to be able to do more than simply 'dispense the pleasantries' to our Spanish-speaking patients. In an attempt to meet the demands placed on the monolingual healthcare or therapy provider, MannaQure has developed a comprehensive, norm-referenced English-to-Spanish Dysphagia and Dysarthria Assessment designed to identify, describe, and quantify swallowing and oral-facial deficits in the adult Spanish-speaking population. This comprehensive battery is intended to be used in developing an individualized treatment approach and provides a unique Functional Pronunciation Guide to get you through this hurdle. MannaQure may be used with your English-speaking patients as well!

Protect your Quality of Care Ratings and Standards today: Access the tools you need for your Therapy or Nursing Department at

View our videos to learn how to use Mannaqure:
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The MannaQure video from your PC

You can use MannaQure with all of your patients, even if they speak English! Contact us to learn more.

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MannaQure Product Development

By Mannaqure on May 22, 2014


The MannaQure Comprehensive English to Spanish Assessment of Dysphagia and Dysarthria was found to be reliable and valid as evidenced by the data collected from October 2013 through February 2014 via 145 clinical and non-clinical subjects. It is expected that this tool will be well received by the SLP in your community and therefore successful in the identification and treatment of patients currently not being served. Further, the examiners participating in the research agreed that the method of scoring the MannaQure accurately depicted the level of the patient's deficits and that the scoring was intuitive and made sense in a manner they were able to measure over time. Additionally, 50% of the clinicians provided feedback and 100% of them agreed or strongly agreed that the tool was effective in the identification of their patient's deficits. Click to read more at

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