Advance Magazine Article Discusses Language Barriers and Dysphagia

By Mannaqure on April 3, 2015

Advance Healthcare Network For Speech and Hearing recently published an article outlining the journey three Speech-language pathologists took in developing an individualized treatment approach to serve the growing Spanish speaking patient population.

The article, Language Barriers and Dysphagia begins with the question, "Have you ever been responsible for assessing and treating an adult patient with dysphagia whose only spoken language was not that of your own?" The number of SLPs answering yes to this question will only be growing. According to the article, the U.S. Census Bureau 2012 data estimates 12-14% of the population in the states of CA and TX will be Spanish-speaking only, which is equitable to a combined total of over six million people in those states alone, not to mention NM, AZ, NV, FL, NY, NJ, IL, and CO.

Census of Spanish Speaking population

The MannaQure team discovered through clinical practice that tools to serve the adult Spanish-speaking population did not exist in today's market for clinicians. The commonly used solution was to have the SLP request an interpreter through nursing or social services. This solution has inherent concerns because of the scheduling of qualified available resources and the cost of such services.

The MannaQure team responded to the need by developing a comprehensive English to Spanish Dysphagia and Dysarthria Assessment designed to identify, describe, and quantify swallowing and oral-facial deficits in the Spanish-speaking population.

Any SLP that has ever been responsible for assessing or treating a Spanish speaking patient, whether they themselves are fluent in Spanish or not, will relate to the journey taken by these three SLPs and enjoy this article. Learn more about MannaQure - contact a MannaQure Assessment Consultant.


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