MannaQure Interview at AHCA by Harmony Healthcare in the Provider Magazine Lounge

By Mannaqure on February 9, 2016

Carmen Vitton from MannaQure was interviewed by Kris Mastrangelo, President and CEO of Harmony Healthcare International, at the Provider Magazine Lounge at AHCA's Annual Convention and Exposition in San Antonio, TX.

The interview covered several topics important to the post-acute care industry. One of those topics was the staffing challenges occurring due to the critical shortage of Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists. Further complicating this challenge is the need for therapists to accommodate a growing Spanish speaking population.

Harmony Healthcare MannaQure Interview

As Carmen states in the interview, this was the motivation for her and her colleagues, Jennifer Maya and Lindsey Roberts, to develop MannaQure. They recognized that it has become increasingly necessary for practitioners to offer adequate assessment and intervention for patients whose primary language was different from that of the treating therapist.

The MannaQure Assessment is a comprehensive, norm-referenced English to Spanish assessment of dysphagia and dysarthria designed to identify, describe, and quantify swallowing and oral-facial deficits in the adult Spanish-speaking population.

As we discuss in our Blog Post "Are you in Compliance with Meeting the Needs of your Spanish-speaking Patients?", the growing Spanish population requiring healthcare is a challenge to our ability to meet Quality-of-Care standards that govern our industry. To receive more information about MannaQure, contact us at


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