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The MannaQure™ Comprehensive English to Spanish Assessment of Dysphagia and Dysarthria  

The MannaQure™ Comprehensive English to Spanish Assessment of Dysphagia and Dysarthria was found to be reliable and valid as evidenced by the data collected from October 2013 through February 2014 via 145 clinical and non-clinical subjects. It is expected that this tool will be well received by the SLP in your community and therefore successful in the identification and treatment of patients currently not being served. Further, the examiners participating in the research agreed that the method of scoring the MannaQure accurately depicted the level of the patient’s deficits and that the scoring was intuitive and made sense in a manner they were able to measure over time. Additionally, 50% of the clinicians provided feedback and 100% of them agreed or strongly agreed that the tool was effective in the identification of their patient’s deficits. The SLPs reported that their patients responded favorably to their ability to present test items in the patient’s primary language. All of the examiners providing feedback agreed that the MannaQure was easy to utilize and that the time it took to administer was appropriate in their setting. Additionally, bilingual SLPs who are not fluent in Spanish as it pertains to familiarity with dysphagia and/or dysarthria-related terminology found this battery beneficial in their clinical practice.

The results generated during product development indicate that any SLP, regardless of their level of Spanish-speaking ability, may administer and interpret the assessment items to aid in the development of the patient’s treatment of dysphagia or dysarthria type deficits. The developers of the MannaQure assessment intend to create and further develop a comprehensive treatment protocol for each corresponding subset soon to be released.

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